Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Soup it up!!

Today turned out to be a fairly chilly day.  The sun was out which made it gorgeous after several days of gray rain, however, no clouds = colder.  Perfect day to make some soup!  I am lucky to have married my husband, who is Filipino-American, because I've learned about some great food I don't think I'd have run into without him!  Tonight, instead of the standard chicken noodle soup, I'm making Arros Caldo. This is a yummy savory soup that is very easy to make and is very versatile in that you can add more or less rice to make it thicker and heartier and you can also easily increase the servings.  I do not recommend freezing it with the rice in the soup. 

Arros Caldo: Chicken and Rice

1 large yellow onion, small dice
1TB oil
4 cloves garlic: finely minced
1 small-medium knuckle of ginger (slice into pieces.  The smaller the the pieces the stronger the flavor of ginger. )
6-8 Chicken pieces, whichever you'd like, I prefer dark meat, but breast works well (just don't over cook and dry it out!)
2 boxes chicken stock (can use water adjust the seasoning)
Fish Sauce (Patis)
1.5-2 C Cooked Rice
Green Onions (garnish)

In a large pot, put some oil into the pot, heat it.  Put onion in, brown the onion, turn down the heat, add garlic/ginger.  Salt and pepper the onion/garlic/ginger.  Cook for 2 minutes, careful not to burn the garlic. 
Add the chicken pieces, mix together.  Salt and pepper the chicken pieces.  Cook the chicken with the onion/garlic for 5 minutes.  Pour 2 boxes of stock or water.  Enough to cover the chicken, (I tend to add a good amount of broth), 2 TB fish sauce (or more to taste) and pepper.
Let simmer. Till Chicken is done.
Meanwhile cook your rice.
add 1.5-2 C. cooked rice to the pot, let simmer 20 minutes. (the more rice you add the thicker the soup)
Garnish with chopped green onions , serve hot.

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